By Breathless Resorts and Spas  |  April 4, 2019

We’ve all been there — scrolling through our Instagram feeds, seeing stunning women and striking men dressed in trendy outfits we might never be able to afford, traveling to chic places we might never get to visit, savoring camera-ready meals we might never get to eat, and boasting luxurious lifestyles of which we can only dream. They each receive more likes on one post than most of our feeds combined, and their comments overflow with compliments that would make most of our heads inflate. Yet, the more we scroll, the harder we’re hit with our admiration. It’s impossible to resist wondering, “if only our own content could be just as good…”

Well, we’re here to tell you that posting envy-inducing photos isn’t just a pipe dream. While it takes more than slapping on the Instagram app’s Lo-Fi filter, taking your feed to the next level is more within your reach than you may think! To help you up your social game, we dove into some online media articles and spoke to some of AMResorts’ past partners about which techniques they use to be the savvy, Insta-aces they’re known to be. Follow along with our “Do It for The ‘Gram” series as we give you the lowdown on how you can achieve social media maven status during your next getaway!

Create a content wish list

Before you even check in for your flight, be sure to do your research. What’s unique about the destination or hotel? Is the location visually appealing enough to offer aesthetically-pleasing backdrops for your photos?

Dani Austin, a Dallas-based fashion and lifestyle blogger with a knack for curating chic travel content, told us that she lives by this rule. Currently boasting 176k followers on Instagram, the past partner of AMResorts said, “I always scope out the place beforehand. The key to a great shot is good lighting so I like to make sure the space has plenty of natural lighting and stylish décor.”

Renowned fitness trainer Ainsley Rodriguez, with whom AMResorts has repeatedly partnered, agrees. The Miami-based Latina who publishes content promoting a fitness-food-lifestyle balance to her 1.7 million Instagram followers told us that to ensure she’ll have ideal backdrops for creating top content, her work begins even prior to booking a hotel stay.

“Before I decide where I’ll be staying, I always look to Instagram and search the resort I have in mind, as well as the photos of people geotagging the hotel,” she said. “Then, before leaving to the destination, I always post about it, so I can ask my followers what their favorite spots are, which helps me decide what to do while I’m there.”

When partnering with hotel and resort brands, including AMResorts, influencers typically receive “shot lists,” which highlight unique aspects of the property they must capture and include within their content. Having these loose checklists as tools within their arsenals is invaluable as the preparation paves the way for creativity.

Don’t let your photos do all the talking

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say any. While we don’t encourage you to write a novel within each post, do take advantage of the vast character count and offer your followers something more. What’s the story behind what your photo is capturing? What were you thinking or doing before, during and after it was taken?

Dani Austin told us that while it’s sometimes nice to keep things light and brief, she sees captions as great opportunities to get more personal with her audience. She said, “captions are one of the main ways I can communicate what’s going on in my life, so I like to keep it real and open up even more with my followers.”

Want to really wow your own audience? Intrigue them with an eye-catching photo, then seal the deal with a killer, compelling caption.

Put quality over quantity

Limit yourself to one traditional Instagram post per day. It’s more effective to post meaningful, quality content strategically versus rapidly flooding your followers’ feeds with sub-par posts.

Ainsley Rodriguez said, “When I select what to post, I always go off my current mood or situation, and then I select the photo or video that best represents what I want to talk about. You can’t fake authenticity, so if you’re not feeling it, don’t try so hard — just wait until you are!”

Don’t fake it until you make it

When asked what the best Instagram advice she could give is, Dani Austin encouraged everyone to “be natural!”

What’s most important is that you still enjoy yourself while traveling. The best photos will always be captured when you’re truly living in the moment and not just living for the camera. Connect with your followers more deeply by staying true to yourself. Make your content fun, make it real and make it you!

Ready to capture your own flawless, Insta-worthy photos? Stay tuned for the next installment of our “Do It for The ‘Gram” series for tips on how to photograph like an influencer during your next vacation!


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