By Breathless Resorts and Spas  |  April 4, 2019

Vacation friend - a friend who you meet while on vacation.

It’s a strange, but beautiful concept. One minute you’re at the resort’s swim up bar casually conversing with a bride-to-be that you just met. Then a few hours later, she’s personally inviting you to crash her wedding on the beach the next day (yes, this actually happens).

There’s a special, instant connection that can be sparked between strangers who happen to be staying at the same resort during the same time. This shared in-destination experience helps “vacation friends” form an effortless bond that may last the duration of the trip or maybe even a lifetime. These new pals are often the focus of your vacation stories, fun photos and snapchats. They make your trip even more memorable.

So, how do you make these vacation friends?

Be Present

This means putting that iPhone down and living in the moment. You’re on vacation … check your feed later! Unplug, unwind and get back to the basics like human interaction. Making connections is much easier when you’re disconnected from your phone.

Ask Questions

Asking something as simple as, “Is this your first time here?” can lead to an exchanging of travel stories along with positive and negative experiences that you’ve each had in a destination. There’s comradery in liking (or even disliking) the same things. Or try the classic, “Where are you from?” This can strike up some fun conversations about where you grew up, what brings you here, who you know, etc. Chances are you’ll meet at least one other guest who’s from the same city or state as you … even when you’re both miles away from home.

Put yourself in the action

Take the opportunity to leave your room, private cabana or quiet pool and head over to the action! Join in on that silly dance lesson or water aerobics class. You are bound to bond with people as you both stumble to keep up with the tango. There are so many social activities to get involved in whether it’s beach volleyball, watersports, a fitness class or a foam pool party. Be bold and try things you wouldn’t normally do! Stepping outside of your comfort zone on vacation can open opportunities to meet some really great people who share similar interests.

Be approachable

You’ll encounter all different kinds of vacationers from honeymooners and bachelor parties to girls getaways and solo trippers. Most travelers have the same common goal: to have the best time possible in paradise. Being open minded and approachable is the key to making vacation friends. You may find yourself bonding with someone who you never thought you would. Don’t confine yourself. Just because you’re on your honeymoon doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit. Spend one night at a private, romantic dinner for two on the beach. Spend the next night dining at a communal hibachi table and mingling with that girl’s getaway group you’ve been running into at the beach all week. Sometimes all it takes is a common interest, and you will be exchanging phone numbers by check out.

Whether they last a moment or a lifetime – vacation friends can turn a normal vacation into a week you’ll never forget!


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