By Breathless Resorts and Spas  |  April 4, 2019

Exercise. Love it or hate it, the benefits of staying fit always outweigh the negatives as we attempt to live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. After all, the second helping of dessert always tastes a little sweeter knowing you powered through your workout earlier in the day.

Switching up your workout routine can help keep your muscles guessing, helping your body to grow stronger while also making it a more enjoyable experience. Avoid getting in an exercise rut by incorporating some of the below tips into your weekly routine. You may even start looking forward to the gym!

Get Outside

Embrace the great outdoors! With over 235K miles of hiking trails on federal and state lands, your gym routine just got outdoorsy. The perfect workout for your legs and your booty, you will be looking like a Kardashian (or their typical professional athlete counterpart) in no time while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.


Take a Class

Sick of your treadmill or gym circuit? Switch things up by taking a class. No matter your skill level, there are tons of classes that will get you up and moving. The popular spin class will definitely get your heart pumping and have your legs feeling the burn. Or break a sweat dancing to the latest hits at Zumba class. You’ll be having so much fun that it’ll slip your mind that you’re actually exercising. Another great dance-based option is the ballet inspired Barre workout perfect for improving posture, defining muscle, increasing flexibility and reducing stress.

Grab a Friend

Everything is better with a friend. Upgrade your workout routine by finding a workout buddy. You will help motivate each other to stick to a schedule and be accountable for every rep. Can’t cheat on those burpees if someone is watching! Recruit your #fitfam to try out one of those fun classes with you. Substitute your happy hour plans for a swolemate session once in a while… you’ll thank each other later!

Set the Clock

Working out at different times throughout the day can not only change up your exercise pattern but refresh your entire daily routine. This will help break the monotony of the cycle and keep things more interesting. If you typically work out at night, try going for that run first thing in the morning. Does your office have a gym? Nothing breaks up the 2pm slump like a quick round of circuit training. No matter the time, keeping the clock flexible will help get the workout done.

Do some research

Have you been doing the same exercise routine since college? Don’t know where to start and can’t afford a trainer? Social media is your new best friend (if not already). Research new exercises on Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube to keep your routine fresh. Experienced trainers often provide great tips and exercise recommendations on their personal social channels for you to follow along

And remember, any form of physical exercise counts as a work out! Indoors, outdoors or even taking laps at the mall while scoping out the latest athleisure styles can help jump start a new workout routine.


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