Events Calendar

We take our entertainment lineup pretty seriously here at Breathless Punta Cana. Start your morning with one of our beach experiences, transition over to the pool party scene in the afternoon, and when you're ready and refueled, the nightlife will be waiting.  Check out some of our events below!




Masquerade Party
Grab a mask and let go of your inhibitions as you dance the night away in disguise at our Masquerade Party!

Mega Dance Party
Bring your best moves and the DJ will bring the beats to our Mega Dance Party!

White Beach Party

Wear your best white attire and head to the beach for a vibrant night of music, performances and fun!



Blacklight Pool Party
Time to turn off the lights and turn up the energy at our blacklight pool party. Night swimming has never been this entertaining!

Gatsby Party
We’re taking you back to the roaring twenties with flappers, feathers, and fun at our Great Gatsby party! The only thing missing is Leo…

Sense of Place Party
Immerse yourself in the Dominican culture as we celebrate with traditional food, music, live performances and lots of mamajuana (our drink of choice).

Please note: Events are subject to change at anytime.